Thursday, 5 May 2011

When the medication becomes the problem

I'm also on Oxycontin and can relate to what she says although I was pre-warned and am determined not to increase my daily dose, in spite of the fact that my current dose doesn't deal with the pain. I can feel how it's becoming addictive and it's insidious! I recommend reading her blog and especially the comments on her article which appear there - click on "read more".
HIV/AIDS, Neuropathy, Painkillers (My personal HELL)
by mariateresa1111
Well, where do I start!? I guess pain…physical and mental….one of the situations that we face with HIV/AIDS is pain…from neuropathy..aging, etc., etc…I myself was on pain medication! Exactly, Oxycodone..well, 8 years ago when one of the doctors I saw prescribed it to me…he never told me how addicitve it was!!! I wish I knew then what I know now!! I have suffered sometimes more with this little pill than with the HIV/AIDS virus…that, by the way, I started with half a pill (5 mgs) and ended up with maybe taking 80 mgs a day! This is over an 8 year period as I said! You see, this pill comes in different forms…Names I know: Morphine, roxycodone, oxycodone, oxycontin, codeine, tramal, percodan, etc etc!!

WHY did this doc put me on a medication that seems like heroin but in pills??? That it’s highly addictive?? I get so angry with the hell I have been through. Thank god I have not ended like many of the people I know and always had the strength and WILL to not take as many as I know some people that started just like me. I mean, they are taking up to 20 pills or more a day! more

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