Friday, 18 December 2020

Don''t Underestimate The Long-Term Effects Of Covid,

 Today's video from Good Morning Britain (see link below) was broadcast back in June of this year and yet scientists, patients and the media are still struggling to recognise that this is no ordinary virus and can attack various functions and organs in the human body over a long period of time. Long term consequences of viruses are traditionally difficult to predict but in the case of Covid-19, they need to be recognised and allowed for in the ongoing treatment of many patients because they can shock and take people by surprise and therefore extend their suffering. A salient discussion that may lead you to doing more research of your own, especially if you feel either you or someone close to you may be experiencing what they now call, 'long Covid'.


 The After-Effects of COVID-19 Can Last for Months | Good Morning Britain
24 Jun 2020

  Broadcast on 24/06/2020

 Scientists want to ascertain whether "post-Covid syndrome" should be recognised as an illness in its own right as Covid-19 sufferers are reporting debilitating symptoms for weeks or months after recovery. A recent study has revealed that one in ten people are struggling to shake off Covid-19, many are experiencing crushing fatigue, breathlessness and brain fog longer than expected – in some cases leaving them bed-bound or unable to work full time.

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