Friday, 8 April 2011

A huge amount of work and information has gone into this book and it's full of useful tips - definitely worth the effort but tailored more towards the US and diabetic market.

Via Google reader: I could read it all in PDF format

You Can Cope with Peripheral Neuropathy
By: Mims Cushing, Norman Latov, M.D.Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing
Published on: 03/14/2005
Print ISBN: 9781932603767
Imprint: Demos Health
PreviewAvailable Formats: PDF

Peripheral neuropathy is one of the most common diseases most people never heard of…and yet, upwards of 20 million Americans have it! It is estimated that 60 to 70 percent of people with diabetes have mild to severe neuropathy. That fact alone is staggering. Other causes include vitamin deficiencies, autoimmune diseases, kidney, liver or thyroid disorders, cancer and a variety of other medical conditions.According to the Neuropathy Association the "extent and importance" of peripheral neuropathy has not yet been adequately recognized. The disease is apt to be misdiagnosed, or thought to be merely a side effect of another disease. However, people from all walks of life live with this neurological illness that has been described by those who have it as a tingling or burning sensation in their limbs, pins and needles and numbness.You Can Cope with Peripheral Neuropathy:365 Tips for Living a Full Life was written by both a patient-expert and doctor and is a welcome addition to the information on this subject. It covers such diverse topics as What to ask at doctor appointments Making the house easier to navigate with neuropathy Where to find a support group Using vitamins and herbs for treatment Tips for traveling And much, much more!You Can Cope With Peripheral Neuropathy is a compendium of tips, techniques, and life-task shortcuts that will help everyone who lives with this painful condition. It will also serve as a useful resource for their families, caregivers, and health care providers.

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