Thursday, 14 April 2011

Neuropathy humour

Not much of it around actually - not high on the subject lists for open nights at the comedy clubs but I came across this (you know...via via)and even if you find it cringe making - give the guy a least he's trying! Positive thinking...dontcha love it!
I've Got Neuropathy
(Sung to the tune of "Making Whoopee")
By: Roy C. Bennett

It's one p.m.
I'm at the doc's;
I've taken off
My shoes and socks.
He sticks a pin in;
I sit there grinnin' --
I've got neuropathy.

I'm on a date,
I'm getting bold;
Instead of hot,
I'm feeling cold.
My feet are freezin'
And here's the reason:
I've got neuropathy.

When there's a fire within me
Should I feel glad or sad?
Can this be love I'm feeling
Or just a nerve gone bad?

She wants to wed;
I'm all aglow.
Should I say yes?
Should I say no?
Oh, how I tingle,
But I'll stay single --
It's just....neuropathy.

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