Monday, 2 May 2011

All Gays go to Heaven

Has anyone read it? What did you think? It sounds good but more's to the point, the underlying themes sound really interesting! Here's the blurb:
The story of cocaine, cocktails and crossings. Reece Manley's life is detailed from the point of his disability caused by a weight loss surgery gone awry. The disability, peripheral neuropathy, causes extreme pain in Reece's feet. At first, Reece lives with the disability with no problem as he becomes dependent on stronger and stronger narcotics.
The weight does come off and Reece moves from a 414 pound bulk to a 175 hunk. Reece decides to change his life further by pursuing his life dream, a PhD under the tutelage of his life mentor, Dr. Gwen Sorell.

As he works towards becoming a national authority on the human development of gay and lesbian people, he also takes his first steps into dating and the true gay life of Lubbock, Texas. A small, dusty city with all the trappings of the "gay life".

Ultimately, the disability crushes Reece's dreams sending him home to Dallas to try and find some treatment for the horrible pain. No relief is found and he becomes deathly ill has he gives in to depression and self-medication.

Ultimately, in 2008, Reece dies on the ventilator. His crossing revealed to him an incredibly powerful love and acceptance. Billions are in heaven and there is perfect peace and joy. When the doctors resuscitate him, he cries against returning to this life.
Finally, Reece writes about the trauma of a near death experience. Ultimately, Reece has a spiritual transformation and goes from victim to victorious over the challenges of his life.
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