Saturday, 28 May 2011

Patient confusion

Having tried and failed to get in touch with this person, I have removed personal details and changed the name and published anyway because the message is important. On nine out of ten discussion forums about neuropathy, you'll see this sort of reaction. Patients are often confused and uncertain what to do when faced with neuropathic problems and then they start clutching at straws - they've heard about this or that and want to know how other people think. Perfectly natural and understandable but as we all know, the answers aren't easily found. It is so important that we support each other as best we can - point people in the right direction; pass on links or information and encourage them to research as much as possible. It can be a very lonely disease.

Peripheral Neuropathy
by: xxxxx Sun, Apr 10 2011

I am 64 years of age and have been diagnosed with this PN stuff(the burning, stinging, shooting pains disease from hell). It started over 4 years ago with 2 toes on my right foot going numb and now both feet are almost numb but I do have my mobility. I finally went to my doctor over a year ago and he put me on gabapentin(300mg per day and 1 metanx per day). I didn’t get any better so I went to a podiatrist and he told me to live with it(a “a two-bit ass—-” so I went to another podiatrist and he told me to quit taking gabapentin and start taking lyrica and 2 matanx tablets per day. Lyrica was a disaster for me-within 1 hour of taking this stuff I was stinging from the bottom of my feet to my knees.

I finally went to a neurologist and he did all of the test, including sugar test(I am not diabetic), a blood test to see if I am vitamin deficient, and an electro nerve induction test. The results of the test show all eight nerves to my feet are damaged, I am not vitamin deficient and his conclusion was that my condition was inherited and I should take more matanx and gabapentin and temazepam(to sleep). Anyone reading this that has any information that I might use please let me know. I am trying to find a good acupuncturist, does anyone know if this will help? I have been told that marijuana will help, does anyone know? Others have said that having the nerves clipped in your feet will help, does anyone know? Thanks for your help, from Florida.

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