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Tonic water/Quinine

On the basis that all tips are useful, especially if they're easy and cheap and unlikely to do you any harm, I found this one on I'll certainly try it out myself.

neuropathy remedy: tonic water/quinine Posted Jan 18 2010 12:00am
In reading about remedies for neuropathy, one of the side effects of Taxol, I came across a number of suggestions. One of them, available over the counter, was tonic water, which contains quinine. As a drug, quinine is used to treat malaria. It also has some followers who use a non-prescriptive low dose for other applications, namely neuropathy and leg cramps. The medical dose seems to be something over 300 mg; tonic water contains 40 mg per eight ounces. Some people who drink tonic water report improvements in neuropathy after only a few days.

My fingers are worse with pain while my toes are still just numb and tingly. When the fingers first got worse, it was sudden and it feels like I have a bad hangnail, causing pain when I press a clawed finger against something–like pressing the button of my iPhone. Typing on a keypad does not seem to cause much of a problem. Gripping items is a challenge, and I have to concentrate to avoid dropping them.

Anyway, I’m drinking tonic water and hoping that it will reduce the neuropathy in my fingers and toes. Of course, I’ll also be doing further research on other remedies and will report back here

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