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Gluten free?

If you're a tennis fan you'll have seen how much the current world number 2, Novak Djokovic, has improved this year (43 match unbeaten streak says it all). He partly puts it down to going on a gluten free diet. It's a diet that has proved popular with people with certain medical conditions and now neuropathy seems to be joining the list. Success stories are all over the internet but equally many people seem to achieve no results at all. That said, it's not an easy diet (is any diet easy?) and requires a large amount of discipline. To find out about gluten free diets, you'll need to do the research yourselves online, the information is far too great to be squashed into a post here.
I must admit, I'm very curious and would very much like to hear about other people's experiences. Has it worked for you? Are you considering it and if so why? Is it only of benefit for people suffering from Celiac neuropathy for instance?

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Greg's Story: Diet Was the Key!
Hi - I read with interest the article on Vitamins for Neuropathy ..... I am a Type 2 Diabetic with well controlled BGL .... But I started suffering from foot neuropathy in the last year or so - BUT I have finally turned the corner for Pain Relief .... I started taking Alpha Lipoic Acid & Methylcobalamin B12 which started to help but further research and trials of foods led me to believe I have what is described as Celiac Neuropathy and have in the last 3 to 4 weeks been on a Gluten Free Diet and my feet are feeling so much better ....

I can't comprehensively say that any one thing is helping but while the combination I am taking and doing is working I am not particularly wishing to stop any of them .... There may be other Vitamin deficiencies that I am unaware of as yet but I feel I am heading in the right direction at last.... thankfully ....

My Feet were Keeping me awake at night or waking me up in the early hours of the mornings with severe burning sensations with associated Pins & Needles and Redness & swelling ..... in a word they were a real mess.... making life a misery mostly .... I tried Prescription medications for it but the side effects of them were horrendous (Suicidal Tendencies) ....

Since I have discovered that such a thing called Celiac Neuropathy even exists and now trialing a Gluten Free Diet I am pleased that this seems to be working and I don't know whether you have done any research into this area, but with it and the vitamin deficiencies now being managed to a fairly good degree I am basically pain free unless I do happen to inadvertantly eat Gluten in some foods (I try not to) - and when I do I pay for it with a flare up of my feet - but usually only overnight till my system gets back to a diet free from Gluten.....

I wonder how many other sufferers of NEUROPATHY have discovered the joy of having (close to) normal feet again .... I want to tell the world !!! Perhaps NEUROPATHY needs a Closer Look at as far as diet is concerned - maybe the primary cause could be WHEAT/GLUTEN Intolerance !!!

Thanks for your article -
Regards -
Greg A

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  1. Cindi McGeary has left a new comment on your post "Gluten free?":

    I came across this blog because I was doing some research because I heard a fact today that I wasnt sure was true, but had some pretty big implications. It came from this clip:

    The doctor here says that gluten sensitivies is the only proven cause of autoimmune disorders. I have an autistic son, so I'm fairly familiar with talk of autoimmune disorders and gluten, but when I got thinking about AIDS, my brain started to hurt - either there was a link with AIDS and gluten or what the doctor said was wrong. So I've been really surprised that it's all possibly linked together.

    But - I will tell you - as an otherwise mostly healthy individual, I've done a gluten free diet with REMARKABLE results. I actually work to teach others how to work with a gluten free diet. I highly recommend it. When you really get into what food sensitives do to your body and how much it's linked to down the line, it's amazing.

    I would LOVE to continue this conversation if anyone's interested - email me at


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