Thursday, 16 June 2011

Neuropathy training for medical professionals

I make no apology for posting 4 video clips in the same post (total just over 20 minutes) because they show in maneagable bites how medical professionals are trained to recognise neuropathy in their patients. They also emphasise something you will all be aware of; this is a huge problem that is amazingly still underestimated and still growing.In part three he hammers the point that doctors need to talk to each other about their patient...the best advice for doctors dealing with HIV patients! The sound quality is not great and therefore needs a little concentration but it's worth the effort.
The speaker is Dr. John Hayes Jr. and his website is and here lies a problem relating to this blog. I won't promote commercial organisations because that brings its own responsibility and that is not the purpose of this independent blog. This doctor is promoting Re-builder electro-diagnostics on his site (the 5th video is not shown here - it deals with the product itself) but this does not mean that the information he gives in the videos is not valid - on the contrary, it is simply explained, packed with accurate information and very helpful.
If all you get out of it is that it tells you that you're not alone with what you're suffering and probably also teaches you something you didn't already know then you've not wasted your time.

Diagnosing & Treating - Peripheral Neuropathy... door johnhayesjr

Diagnosing & Treating Peripheral Neuropathy Part2 door johnhayesjr

Diagnosing & Treating Peripheral Neuropathy Part3 door johnhayesjr

Diagnosing & Treating Peripheral Neuropathy Part4 door johnhayesjr

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