Sunday, 11 November 2012

Neuropathy Cure Still Far Away

Today's post from (see link below) sums up the problems of neuropathy in a nutshell. There's no cure; current treatments are based on medications used for other diseases and although considerable research is being done, it will take some considerable time before treatments reach the doctors' prescription pads. You can read much more about what sort of potential treatments there may be in the future in this article here (written by Dave R - blog-host).

The Attempt To Find A Neuropathy Cure
Posted on November 8, 2012 by Nicole

Many of those with neuropathy understand that currently there is no neuropathy cure. However, there is much research being done within the medical and scientific communities in the attempt to find a neuropathy cure. In the meantime, patients who have been unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with some form of neuropathy (nerve damage) they should focus more on treating the symptoms of their own condition rather than worry about whether or not there is a neuropathy cure. Neuropathy is not a fatal disease, it is definitely a treatable condition, and one day in the not so distant future perhaps a neuropathy cure will emerge for those who are constantly suffering from the symptoms that neuropathy (nerve damage) causes. Advances, and leaps and bounds have been made in the medical world when it comes to a neuropathy cure are being discovered. So while neuropathy patients wait for a neuropathy cure, they can rest assured knowing that there are treatment options to help reduce their pain and symptoms until a neuropathy cure can be found.

Treatments to Reduce Neuropathy Symptoms

Until the neuropathy cure is discovered nerve damage patients do not have to live in overwhelming fear. There are treatment options which can help to reduce their pain and other symptoms that they experience as a result of their neuropathy. Some of the most common treatments that are used to reduce symptoms until a neuropathy cure is found are as follows:

Prescription Drugs – which are commonly used to treat neuropathy can include the use of Antiseizure Medications, Antidepressant Medications, as well as the use of Topical Ointments in order to reduce symptoms.

Supplements – if a neuropathy patient is seeking to find ways to treat neuropathy without the negative side effects or habit forming tendencies that so many prescription drugs can cause then supplements may be the option for them. Supplements that are commonly used to treat neuropathy can include Alpha Lipoic Acid, Benfotiamine, as well as Methylcobalamine Supplements.

Lifestyle Remedies – lifestyle remedies for treating neuropathy symptoms include diet, exercise, daily foot care, as well as the cessation of smoking. Any lifestyle adaptation that can create better oxygenation of the extremities of the body as well as overall care for the feet can help to reduce the symptoms of neuropathy while these patients wait for a neuropathy cure.

Therapies – therapies that are commonly used to treat and reduce neuropathy symptoms while patients wait for a neuropathy cure can include the use of massage therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and even biofeedback.

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