Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Pain: Sometimes Words Are Not Enough (Vid)

A Christmas message from the blog today, from a YouTube clip telling how unequal the distribution of effective medication still is in 2012. As the old saying goes, “Pain is often inevitable, but suffering is optional.” There is really no need for a child to die in pain just because he or she can't get hold of effective pain-killing drugs. It's a question of money, as it always is and maybe that will never change but while you're tucking into your Christmas dinners across the world; even if your own pain is almost unbearable at times, please spare a thought for those like Jethro here below.

In Kenya, hundreds of thousands of children suffer from HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other illnesses. They often experience severe, debilitating pain. Morphine and other medicines can cheaply and easily bring relief, but very few sick children receive them. This is Jethro's story.

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