Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sensus System For Nerve Pain Now FDA-Approved

Today's short post from (see link below), talks about one of the latest devices to use electrical nerve stimulation to help with neuropathy pain. The Sensus Pain Management System has now been approved by the American FDA, which is generally a sign that something has been tested for quality and effectiveness. Finding any treatment that avoids, or at least reduces the need for more pills and tablets can only be a good thing...providing it works and is financially viable for most people. That has yet to be established but if you yourself have been treated with the Sensus system, please share your experiences with other readers of the blog by using the contact button at the top of the page, or the comments button under each article.

FDA Clears Sensus for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

Emma Hitt, PhD  Dec 07, 2012

The Sensus Pain Management System, manufactured by NeuroMetrix, has been granted 510(k) clearance by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the company announced.

The device is intended to relieve and manage symptoms of chronic intractable pain in the lower leg and foot that can occur with diabetic neuropathy. The device is a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator and is worn on the upper calf under clothing.

"FDA clearance of the Sensus electrode represents the last step in the regulatory pathway for the Sensus Pain Management System," noted Shai N. Gozani, MD, PhD, president and chief executive officer of NeuroMetrix. "We believe that physicians treating patients with painful diabetic neuropathy, a severe and debilitating form of chronic pain, will find Sensus to be a useful therapeutic option."

The company states that they will be launching the device commercially before the end of the year.

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