Sunday, 30 December 2012

Two Contrasting Short Clips About The Nervous System (Vid)

Today's post originating from (see link below) consists of two very different approaches to explaining how the nervous system works but both give very useful information for the lay person. It's often very difficult for people with neuropathy and other nervous system disorders to be able to visualise exactly what part of their body is letting them down. If you have problems in your feet and legs, it's tempting to think that the root of the problem lies there also, when in fact both the spine and the brain are directly involved too and the cause may come from somewhere else entirely. Knowing a little bit about how it all links up, helps you understand your problem much better. 

The Nervous System
December 21, 2012

1) This is a project that I made for my bio class in 9th grade (Lavacamp)

2) Peripheral Nervous System: Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology

Duke Neurology of Raleigh’s Vinod Krishnan, MD, helps to make sense of the peripheral nervous system.

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