Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Neuropathy Can Bring You To The Edge

Today's post from (see link below) is an honest personal account of how neuropathy can be so severe that at times, it can make you want to give up the fight. Many people will be able to identify with this person's feelings and hopefully be discouraged from such thoughts by this lady's reasoning and solution. Hearing how other people are dealing with neuropathy can be invaluable in that you discover you're not alone and can share and even learn from, other people's experiences.

My Neuropathy Battle:
Suicide Isn’t Painless

When I was in my early twenties I used to think about it all of the time. Life wasn’t going well for me at the back then. I had to give up work to have surgery, I was in a lot of pain; the days seemed endless and pointless.

I’ve heard it said many times that suicide is the easy way out, however, there isn’t anything easy about being in such a dark place and living a life so drained of anything good that suicide seemed the only option ,and I know from own experience that suicide is not painless for those left behind.

At my lowest ebb I was on strong painkillers, not strong enough, obviously, as I was in constant pain and couldn’t see past the pain. I came as close as counting out pills and I would’ve taken them but one thing stopped me: while I could have quite happily have done that to myself, I could not do that to anyone else.

It would have been the people I love the most who would’ve been left to carry what I had done around with them for the rest of lives and as difficult as my life was as the time, that thought was enough to stop me.

Years on, I can safely say I am not in good place. I am in constant pain but this time because of TMJ and I am struggling with every day things because of my muscle wasting condition, however, I am older and a bit wiser and I have strength to overcome it.

Life is still good in many ways and I’d rather have life with all of its highs and lows and bits in between than not have the opportunity to wake up to a brand new day.

Everyone has bad days or bad phases in their life when everything seems to go wrong and that’s all it is: it’s just a phase and it too shall pass.

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