Tuesday, 30 July 2013

HIV And Its Medications: Possible Side Effects

Today's useful post from aidsinfonet.org (see link below) is aimed at people living with the side effects of HIV and its medications, including neuropathy (which is a significant and underestimated consequence of HIV for roughly a third of all positive people).
The post lists the main side effects people living with HIV may have to deal with and provides links to more information on each one. Those who imagine that being HIV+ these days is just a matter of taking one pill a day and living a normal lifespan, may want to think again in light of these potential problems. Those with both HIV and neuropathy already understand that very well.

Side Effects and Their Treatment
July 27, 2013

To see a list of fact sheets in each category, click on the category name.

NOTE: You can see a full list of fact sheet topics on Fact Sheet 1000.

Treatments for Side Effects

550. Side Effects

A discussion of the most common side effects of antiretroviral treatment, with links to other fact sheets for more information. Includes fatigue, anemia, digestive problems, lipodystrophy, peripheral neuropathy, mitochondrial toxicity, and osteoporosis.

[Reviewed August 12, 2012]

551. Fatigue

A description of fatigue among people with HIV, its causes and treatment.

[Reviewed April 10, 2013]

552. Anemia

A description of anemia among people with HIV, its causes and treatment.

[Reviewed June 18, 2013]

553. Body Shape Changes (Lipodystrophy)

A description of lipodystrophy (changes in metabolism and body shape) in people with HIV, its risks, suspected causes and treatment.

[Reviewed November 14, 2012]

554. Diarrhea

A description of diarrhea in people with HIV, its causes and treatment.

[Revised December 31, 2012]

555. Peripheral Neuropathy

A description of peripheral neuropathy in people with HIV, its causes and treatment.

[Revised December 19, 2012]

556. Mitochondrial Toxicity

A description of mitochondrial toxicity in people with HIV, its causes and treatment.

[Reviewed August 13, 2012]

557. Osteoporosis

A discussion of loss of bone mineral density associated with HIV and its treatment, including osteoporosis

[Revised June 2, 2013]

558. Depression and HIV

Depression is common in HIV

[Revised July 29, 2012]

559. Osteonecrosis

Definition and description of osteonecrosis (bone death) in HIV

[Reviewed August 13, 2012]


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