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Penile Neuropathy

If you are male (or the partner of a male), today's post from (see link below) may be a sensitive one. There are many causes of penile problems but it is also one of the hundred plus forms of neuropathy and can result from penile nerve damage. This short article puts the facts on the table and gives some ideas as to how you can go about reducing the effects to make life a little easier. It is certainly something that you shouldn't ignore and if you're feeling more than a little embarrassed, remember your doctor (male or female) has seen it all many times before. There are ways to help but it's also important to get checked out in any case, to exclude possibly more serious problems.

Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Of Penile Neuropathy
June 14, 2013 by Alan Liew

 Neuropathy is a condition that arises because of damage to the nerves. It is very common in people with other medical conditions such as diabetes, HIV, renal dysfunction and cancer. Drugs and medications can also play a big role in damage to the nerves. Neuropathy can affect any part of the body and cause serious issues.

Neuropathy is common in both men and women. One of the groups of nerves that should be shielded from damage is the penile nerves. Symptoms of neuropathy include tingling sensation, numbness, pain, burning and loss of sensitivity. When these five symptoms are felt in your sex organs, then seeing a medical practitioner may become necessary for you.

Damage to the nerves of your penis can result in sexual problems and erectile dysfunction. This may totally stop the erection of your penis. The penal nerves may fail to send the messages of pain, pleasure, heat or touch to the brain. In worst cases, a person may lose the penile sensitivity and suffer from reduced or diminished sexual desire.

Symptoms of Penile Neuropathy

We have identified the five typical symptoms of damaged penile nerves. However, penile neuropathy symptoms may differ from one person to another. The intensity of pain and loss of sensitivity may affect each man differently. Some may feel pain in penis while others may experience burning, loss of sensitivity, tingling and numbness.

Causes of Penile Neuropathy

There are different factors that cause neuropathy in the male sexual organs.

1. Poor blood circulation: The primary cause of the penile neuropathy in males is poor blood circulation that results in loss of oxygen in the nerve fibers.

2. Trauma: Another common cause of neuropathy in the penis is trauma, injury or physical damage to the nerves.

3. Infection and surgery: Infection and injury due to surgery can also cause damage to the penile nerves. Males who develop prostate cancer often have to go through a particular surgery that damages penile nerves.

4. Existing medical condition: Medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity and cardiac problems also affect the peripheral circulation adversely.

5. Penile enlargement techniques: Stretching equipment and jelqing techniques for penis enlargement can cause damages to the penile dorsal nerves. These methods apply pressure to the nerves of sex organs and cause long term damages.

Treatments for Penile Neuropathy

Treating underlying cause of neuropathy: Just like any neuropathy, the treatment for penile neuropathy depends on the cause of the damage. Neuropathy due to obesity, diabetes and heart ailments can be controlled with medication and healthy life style. A few modifications in the life style can improve the peripheral nerve condition and give respite from pain in penis.

Taking nutritional supplements for healthy nerves: There are nutritional supplements that can restore the health of nerves. Examples of these supplements are Omega 3 and 6 supplements. The Omega 3 is beneficial in improving signal transmission to the brain while the Omega 6 is necessary for the fatty nerve fibers called myelin sheath.

Taking herbal medications for improved flow of blood: According to some herbalists, bilberry, ginko and garlic are important herbal constituents that improve the flow of blood in the nerves of the male sex organs. These herbal medications provide effective treatment to regenerate and enhance the nerve fibers. There are special herbs containing alpha-lipoic acid that can be purchased for the sole purpose of healing the damaged nerves. Other nutrients that support the healthy circulation in the nerves are Vitamins A, C, D and E as well as L-arginine which are all available as supplements.

Taking Viagra for impotence and erectile dysfunction: there are special drugs for impotence and erectile dysfunction. These drugs revitalize the sexual functioning. One of the most well-drugs is Viagra. But before using this drug, you have to seek medical attention.

Applying penile creams for proper nutrition: There are penile health creams that help in supplying the damaged penile nerves with the nutrients and oil. These creams contain specific nutrition for the male organs. The bioactive compounds of these creams are good for the treatment of the 5 neuropathy symptoms – tingling, loss of sensitivity, pain, burning and numbness.

It is important to give consideration to the penile neuropathy promptly. Studies suggest that only a small percentage of penile neuropathy cases can be treated without any intervention. The majority of patients will suffer from the consequences if no treatment is instituted. So, it becomes important for patients to seek medical advice.

The good news about penile neuropathy in males is that it can be treated when given attention on time. Even those who go through prostate surgery can restore their sex life after getting necessary medications and treatment. Never treat your penile dysfunction lightly and seek the advice of an urologist as soon as the five symptoms of the condition manifest.


  1. What would be the first thing I could do to help this mend? The pain & stinging is hard to bear! I have neuropathy due to diabetes & end stage renal disease

  2. I've had robot prostate surgery did this kind kill my nerve endings because my penis doesn't tingle are burn I'm also a diabetic

    1. Same situation with me, only I am not diabetic.

  3. Doctors comment that penile growth happens in puberty age and it starts from 5th year of your childhood.

  4. Guys.. the best thing to use is a creme called Man1 Man Oil. It contains the protein, acetyl L carnitine, which repairs nerve endings and will restore lost feeling down there. I use it and my sex life is so much better as a result. It's safe too. Google it and see for yourself. Cheers!

  5. I'm not really sure about your problems,but I'm suggesting this bcoz i felt some resemblance, i had this penis bend problem and urinary incontinence complication for 7 yrs, as usual more doctors, different methods of treatment. But couldn't diagnose correctly , atlast founded that, its bcoz vit b12 deficiency. 3 months supplement lead me to normal life. My suggestion to you plz check ur b12 level.

  6. I have suffered moments of intense discomfort and pain in the penis glans combined with surge incontinence. It is easy to confuse this with the symptoms of infection. I have repeatedly had a urine test when this conditions arises and it is always negative. I put the whole problem down to one thing: STRESS and ANXIETY. At night I have found that a hot water bottle placed on the genitals helps to relieve the pain. By the way, I have been taking B12 tablets as well and I think they help.

  7. I began suffering pain/burning around the head of my uncircumcised penis roughly one year after getting a penile implant in 2014. No urologist has been able to explain why. It began about three months after I was diagnosed with neuropathy in the toes on both of my feet. Neither my neurologist, nor my internist believe I have neuropathy in my penis, however. My urologist has treated me for fungal/yeast infections, but that was not the problem. I am at wits end because any form of sex is very painful.

  8. I have no idea whether this will help my problem, but the pain and burning around the head of my penis is unrelenting. So I have scheduled surgery to remove and replace the penile implant I received in May 2014. My neurologist has told he doesn’t believe I have penile neuropathy, even though I have it in the toes on both feet.
    I am at the end of my road in dealing with this problem, I’m willing to go back under the knife for a shot in the dark.
    It’s my last glimmer of hope to try and deal with the penile burning and pain.

  9. I believe the surgeon who performed my original penile implant damaged the nerves to my penis due to where he made the incision (in the pubic area just above the penis). I have since learned that 80 percent of penile implant surgeons make the incision in the scrotum.

  10. I am 47 and suffer from numbness I am severely depressed and feel like I am just a piece of meat and not a man I used to get aroused so easily with instant erection and minimal stimulation now this does not even happen sex life is one way I ejaculate after a lengthy period of time via nipple stimulation and me touching my partner. I have tried man1 Man oil with nil effect. It all started with burning, tingling and then numbness getting progressively worse. Now I have lost hope and the only solution is suicide. Thanks for listening. Once the nerve has died or extremely damaged thats it.

    1. Hi Mark, I understand your frustration and desperation but i strongly advise you to go and talk to a neurologist (and if you've already done that without satisfaction...pick another one). Explain how you feel and that you're at the end of your tether and see what he/she says.
      Best wishes

    2. This is a follow on to my 2 August post. I have continued to have intermittent pain in my glans (circumcised) and tests to see if there is infection. The results have been negative. However, following a cystoscopy it was found that a cluster of cells had formed in my bladder and were removed followed by a chemeo "wash". There was infection and after a course of Furadantine MC100mg medication (antibiotic) eventually it cleared up. Nevertheless the pain has returned periodically. I have recently had another cysto and all is well, but again the pain returns. It became so bad and debilitating recently that I returned on Furadantine medication and after ten days everything seemed to be fine. However, I have had a very stressful period in my life just recently and to my disappointment the pain in the glans has returned and in turn causes incontinence surges. I have seen my general practitioner and again there is no infection. This makes me believe that the main problem could well be penile neuropathy. I suppose I could make an appointment to see a neurologist once again but I feel they just don't seem to recognize the problem and how very debilitating it is. On the other hand I am concerned that I risk to be taking too many antibiotics. I am sorry to hear that Mark has a problem re his 17 Nov post, and all I can say is that it does help to share one's problems and to know one is not alone. Also, thanks Dave R for your 17 Nov post to which I would just add that I feel what we are going through is not fully understood by the neurologists, urologists, GPs. etc. although I am no doubt wrong. Let's just keep on sharing and trying to help on another.

  11. I have had pain,burnig,itchy,pins and needles in my penis/urethra for 2 years since a surgery for urethral stricture called urethrotomy. I've always thought it was caused by scaring due to inflammation or infection from the surgery, but now I wonder if it could be nerve damage and if it is treatable after 2 years?

  12. After I had my penile implant removed and replaced in October, I had hope that the burning and pain I suffered around the glans of my penis would improve. That, so far, has not been the case. My second surgeon says he believes the original surgeon damaged the penile nerves with an ill-advised incision above the penis instead of midway the scrotum/penis. That means I have to live out the rest of my life in pain. Yes, I can get an erection, but I can't enjoy sex. For me, I chose the wrong surgeon. Lyrica helps the neuropathy in my toes, but doesn't help the nerve damage in my penis.

  13. Whatever you do (diamonddoor93)don't give up in the belief that you will have to live with this pain for the rest of your life. There are great advances made on a continuous basis on medical treatment and medications. Those of us that suffer from pain, particularly inn the very sensitive glans area, are only too aware how very debilitating this is. You have to have this pain to understand it. Let's keep our fingers crossed that something will turn up. I find the pain in my feet/toes is particularly bad at night in bed but the pain in the glans is constant. I mentioned in a previous post that placing a hot water bottle on the penis (not very romantic admittedly) does help bring relief to the glans pain. I am trying to find a cream that will give out heat to see if that could be used instead of a hot water bottle. Anyone tried this? If there is something then it perhaps would help to use it all the time.


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