Saturday, 16 November 2013

There's No Magic Bullet For Neuropathy (Vid)

Although this short video from beatingneuropathytv (see link below) is clearly an advertisement for Dr. Hayes' own site and although this blog makes a point of not advertising services or private companies, what he says here is vitally important for people living with neuropathy. There is no 'quick fix' despite what you may hear about this cure or the other, they don't exist. Neuropathy is a complex disorder for which there is currently no cure. Your symptoms may be helped according to what you take and according to what's appropriate for you in your particular case but there is no cure for nerve damage as a general rule. This means that you have to work your way through the myriad of possibilities until you find something that works for you in reducing your symptoms. This has to be done in collaboration with your doctor or specialist but you can also help yourself greatly by doing the research, especially in the field of supplements. You also need to be very aware of the side effects and efficiency of whatever chemical drug you've been prescribed and discuss these with your doctor. If something is not working after a few months (or even less in some cases) you should be moved on to the next option. In the standard treatment of neuropathy, there are about ten drug treatments and several options within each one of those. Creating a partnership with your doctor is important and if your doctor is unwilling to do that, it may be wise to move on to another (just as with the medication). Looking through the alphabetical list to the right of this blog will inform you of the standard course of treatments for neuropathy and give you lots of information to take to your doctor's appointment with you.

Episode 33 – There Isn’t A Magic Cure
Posted by John Hayes Jr Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Dr. Hayes talks about the importance of an integrated approach to fighting Neuropathy and Chronic Pain, and how clinic experience tells us drug-only treatment is almost never the answer! As experience tells us day after day, this is the ONLY approach with any lasting hope of return to health!

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