Thursday, 14 April 2016

Chronic Pain And Suicide: An Unavoidable Truth (Vid)

Today's poignant YouTube video (see link below) follows on from yesterday's post about patients being denied needed medications and applies to severe neuropathy patients as much as any other chronic pain patients. It applies personally too. I received a message from a lady in South Africa, who's husband had committed suicide because he couldn't take the endless pain of severe neuropathy any more. He was also HIV+ and had other complications too, which will undoubtedly have added to his misery but it was the unremitting pain that finally drove him to take his own life. This video addresses the subject of people living in chronic pain eventually ending their lives and comes to the conclusion that the only thing preventing people from taking such extreme steps is...hope. The hope that it will get better or at least improve; the hope that they will receive the correct medication to reduce their pain to manageable levels and the hope that they will receive understanding from those around them. I urge you all to watch this video. It's presented by an expert and doesn't offer any quick solutions but does present an unavoidable truth - sometimes all that keeps our heads above water is hope and we should all do our best to provide some of that to people we know.
Why do chronic pain patients kill themselves?
DR. KENT Published on 2 Oct 2013

Dr. Kent answers a question regarding suicide during a caregiver support meeting for chronic pain caregivers ?

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