Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Pain And The Nervous System: How It All Works (Vid)

Today's fantastic YouTube video gives us a science/biology lesson without insulting our intelligence. It's undoubtedly aimed at medical students and neurologists but experienced neuropathy patients will be able to follow this with considerable interest. If you've ever done any research on your neuropathy, you will have come across many of the terms he uses but maybe haven't been able to place them in context. It may be worth having a Google page open at the same time, so that you can quickly look up words you don't understand. Dr John Campbell explains how pain is generated, how it works; how the nervous system deals with it and how various treatments work or don't as the case may be and you'll be amazed at how it all seems to relate to your own burning, tingling, nerve damage. Really! I'm not kidding! It may not seem like it but this highly complex subject suddenly seems relevant to your own symptoms. It's a long video (40 minutes) but absolutely worth dipping into because you'll learn so much and be able to picture what's happening in your own body.

Pain 2, Pathways, peripheral, spinal cord and brain
Dr. John Campbell
Published on 29 Nov 2013


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