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Are Your Neuropathy Pain Pills Enough, Or Do They Make Things Worse?

Today's post from neuropathydr.com (see link below) is a call for a more holistic treatment regime for neuropathy from Dr. John Hayes Jr, who has for years, done some excellent work to support neuropathy patients. He asks the question: do we need medications for neuropathy? To which most people's answer would be a resounding 'yes'! However, he makes the argument for a much better-rounded form of treatment that includes diet, lifestyle and alternative therapies because medications just mask the symptoms, they do little to improve the quality of your condition. In that sense, he is completely right but don't be fooled into thinking that you can chuck your pill bottles down the toilet - sometimes the pain is so great, you need those medications just to get through the day. What he is saying is that pills are just not enough and can even lead to a worsening of your symptoms without the back up of a balanced lifestyle and sensible choices. An interesting read.

Neuropathy Treatment Decisions: Should You Take Medications for Neuropathy?
Posted by john on May 14, 2015

The Most Comprehensive and Effective Neuropathy Treatment Approach Goes Beyond Medicating Symptoms and Treats the Root Cause.

There is so much more to effective neuropathy treatment than masking symptoms with medications.

Unfortunately, you would hardly know that’s the case, given how the majority of doctors still approach neuropathy treatment. The truth is that relying on the expertise of a doctor who isn’t specifically trained in neuropathy treatment could end up making your neuropathy symptoms worse, not better.

That’s because so many of the drugs that doctors tend to prescribe for neuropathy symptoms like tingling, numbness, and nerve pain have side effects, some of which will intensify over time.

This “one drug fits all” approach often stems from a lack of understanding about the root cause of neuropathy symptoms.

So-called idiopathic neuropathy, for which there is no known cause, may actually be developed over time due to metabolic syndrome—formerly known as pre-diabetes—a condition that will not be addressed at all by traditional symptom-focused drug therapies for neuropathy.

Or worse, if a doctor ignores the neuropathy and attempts to treat metabolic syndrome using medications for lowering cholesterol or blood pressure, your neuropathy symptoms are likely to get worse in reaction to these drugs.

The most effective approach to neuropathy treatment is a multi-modal approach that begins with substantial lifestyle changes and complementary therapies to support your body’s own natural healing process. Work with a trained neuropathy expert on a treatment plan that includes safe weight loss, a healthy neuropathy diet with no sugars or processed foods, and regular moderate exercise.

When you take the wheel of your own neuropathy treatment plan and consult with an expert trained in the best that neuropathy treatment has to offer, your quality of life will improve for the better.

There is a place for prescription medications. But I truly believe that a comprehensive neuropathy treatment approach that goes beyond drugs and puts YOU in the driver’s seat is the best way to begin healing from neuropathic pain.

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