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Killing Nerve Pain With Medical Cannabis

Today's post from (see link below) adds to the growing evidence of the efficiency of marijuana as a pain reliever, especially for nerve pain. It's strange that in North America, the current obsessions of both media and politicians, concern drugs that will relieve people's suffering - needless to say they're against! There are always two sides to every story and drug criminality is the nasty side to both opioids and cannabis but as far as denying patients their rights to live a pain-free life, Americans go overboard in excluding everyone at the same time - from junkies to cancer patients alike. It's long been recognised that cannabis (either smoked or inhaled if your lungs won't take the smoke) will dampen your pain very nicely thank you and it's an artificial, political standpoint that restricts your access to medical marijuana. Luckily, some states in the US have awoken to the fact that the scientists are right and the politicians are wrong but at the moment, with the current opioid hoo-ha, all drugs are bad...abstinence is good. Now it's up to you which side of the fence you come down on but I'm sure that 99% of neuropathy patients with serious, unrelenting pain, would happily get their marijuana from any source if it relieves their suffering. The media has to realise that 99% of chronic pain patients are not faking it...and try to help! yeah, I'm counting the pigs flying across the room too!

Diabetics and Seniors Will Gain From Amendment Two Passing in Florida 

Two studies published by Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research at the University of California San Diego have shown a reduction in diabetic neuropathy pain with inhaled cannabis. The two studies titled “Low-dose vaporized cannabis significantly improves neuropathic pain.” and “Efficacy of Inhaled Cannabis on Painful Diabetic Neuropathy.” were published in 2013 and 2015 respectively. The full length journals can be found by clicking the buttons below. Research has also shown that access to medical marijuana for seniors can increase their wellbeing and lower healthcare costs. Despite this, the say No to 2 rhetoric paid for by big pharma has increased.

Study 1 Study 2

"Notice that both links will bring you to the National Institute of Healths website. These are well respected scientists observing strict protocols that have proudly proclaimed This small, short-term, placebo-controlled trial of inhaled cannabis demonstrated a dose-dependent reduction in diabetic peripheral neuropathy pain in patients with treatment-refractory pain. This adds preliminary evidence to support further research on the efficacy of the cannabinoids in neuropathic pain."

This was from the “Efficacy of Inhaled Cannabis on Painful Diabetic Neuropathy.” published in 2013 by authors, Wallace MS1, Marcotte TD2, Umlauf A2, Gouaux B2, Atkinson JH3

You can follow the links to see more about studies they have published.

Another quote from the “Low-dose vaporized cannabis significantly improves neuropathic pain.”

"The analgesia obtained from a low dose of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (1.29%) in patients, most of whom were experiencing neuropathic pain despite conventional treatments, is a clinically significant outcome. In general, the effect sizes on cognitive testing were consistent with this minimal dose. As a result, one might not anticipate a significant impact on daily functioning."

This quote demonstrates that not does cannabis reduce nerve pain, but it does not impair daily functioning. This is another blow to anti-pot organizations such as No on 2 whose anti pot propaganda pieces look like they were produced by the newest content creator on Youtube. Ie: They are JV at best. Anti Florida medical marijuana groups such as the one previously mentioned have cranked up their rhetoric recently. For full disclose the No on 2 CEO is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the federal government. He has been such since being appointed by Reagan and his infamously failed Say no to Drugs Campaign. Ironic how a president so vehemently against drugs would die from something scientific research has shown to help.

With all of the research coming out, why are we still being denied our rights as human beings to safe convenient access to medicine? Marijuana continues to have documented proof of helping nearly all ailments. All one has to do is a google search for cannabis research and take a grain of salt if it goes to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

This time more research shows a minority group such as diabetics are being denied their rights across the state, country and world. Despite research like this, cities such as Orlando have moved to ban medical marijuana businesses from opening. How long must this lost battle continue to be fought?

It is yet to be determined if a broader, more fair medical marijuana system will make it. Floridians failed to pass it last time. Florida Marijuana is predicting that the amendment will pass due to high young voter turnout for presidential elections. Groups like the Silver Tour are helping to get the elderly educated on medical marijuana and how it can help them save on healthcare and live more fulfilling lives. To quote directly from this article

"Recent studies indicate that the drug is making seniors healthier and helping stem the tide of the opioid epidemic—all while making their health care cheaper."

Floridians have one of the highest rates of diabetes at 11.2% of the population. Many are suffering from the very symptoms that these two studies support. Floridians also have one of the highest elderly rates in the country. The new article from The Atlantic completely destroys most of the mainstream anti marijuana propaganda. We hope that people are beginning to wake up to the truth.

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