Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Value Of Medical Marijuana As A Pain Treatment (Vid)

Today's YouTube video is a cautious evaluation of the current thinking regarding medical cannabis as a treatment for chronic pain conditions (including of course, neuropathy). It's cautious because you can sense that the doctor here is weighing up his words carefully, when it comes to a subject that is so sensitive especially in the U.S.A. and by using the search facility to the right of this blog you will find many more articles about the value of medical marijuana for neuropathy patients. Those articles are less 'careful' and go into much more detailed evidence of why marijuana can benefit us in many areas of medicine. The doctor here is right to point out that authorities must do far more research than is presently permitted because otherwise, they are ignoring a potential treatment that will help millions. If they are serious about reducing opioid use then they should also be serious about investigating alternatives.

The Role of Medical Marijuana in Pain Management

Published on 6 Jul 2016

American Academy of Pain Management

Christian Gonzalez, MD, Director of Pain Medicine Aventura Spine Wellness Center, Aventura, Florida, on medical marijuana for pain management: More:

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