Wednesday, 12 October 2016

How To Navigate The Neuropathy Supplement Minefield

Today's post from (see link below) is basically a warning to all neuropathy patients that they need to be really careful which supplements they take to reduce their symptoms, especially, if you're taking drugs for other conditions. The potential for contra-indication (one drug clashing with another) is very real and can often make your condition much worse, especially if you take things over a period of time. Dr Hayes advises consulting a neuropathy specialist (and offers his own organisation as an example). However, specialists in neuropathy in all its forms and all its causes are as rare as hens' teeth: even neurologists have trouble with supplementation for neuropathy. We're therefore easily led by advertisements or word of mouth. It's vital to remember that with neuropathy, what works for one doesn't work for all and this includes standard drug treatments for neuropathy itself. Do your research; consult your doctor(s) and don't try anything until you're reasonably sure that the advice comes from reliable sources. Even then, if you don't notice a difference after a couple of months, stop and look elsewhere. Far too many patients build up a lifetime of supplements to dangerous levels, purely because they 'may' be working but they're not sure! It's a minefield but you're sensible people, so just make the most informed choices possible.

Neuropathy Treatments, Pills, and Potions! 
Posted by john on September 5, 2016

“Just start taking my magic formula and your neuropathy can be GONE!”
Good neuropathy treatment is usually not as simple as taking or rubbing on just one thing.

If only neuropathy treatment was that simple. Or easy.

Now that is not to say that supplements and lotions can’t have a role in good neuropathy treatment. The fact is they often do.

But good neuropathy treatment is usually not as simple as taking or rubbing on just one thing.

Many neuropathy patients don’t know that some supplements should not be taken with drugs. For example, CoQ-10 can be trouble, and should not be taken if you are on Coumadin.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine can interfere with thyroid function, and its use needs to be professionally monitored. This is especially true if you take thyroid medications.

And the list goes on. It seems like some new neuropathy formula is being offered every day! Neuropathy patients need to be very careful.

So what is the he best thing a neuropathy treatment patient should do? Find a neuropathy treatment professional to work with. Find out all you can about them. Are they up on the latest techniques? Are they aware of drugs that may interact with their therapy?

Help treat your neuropathy by providing all your lab and medical records. If your neuropathy is associated with any food or skin allergies, we need to know that too.

Let us know about your family history. Have you had recent surgery, or anesthesia, which can make neuropathy symptoms worse?

Have you tried any neuropathy treatments and what have the results been? What seems to make your neuropathy feel better, and especially does anything you do seem to make it worse?

This is all part of having a neuropathy treatment plan. If you have any questions about what good neuropathy treatment is, ask your trained neuropathy treatment professional.

But just make sure they have actually studied in and are trained in the neuropathy treatment specialty!

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