Monday, 21 November 2016

One Woman's Neuropathy Story Represents Millions (Vid)

Today's YouTube video (see link below) is an everyman story of life with neuropathy. This lady talks in a way we can all understand and sympathise with. Her symptoms are not all shared by everybody but many of them are and you will be able to relate with how she's feeling. Her story highlights just how complex neuropathic problems can be. If you were going to diagnose her problems, you'd possibly come up with terms like, 'idiopathic' (no known cause), 'autonomic' (affecting involuntary functions of the body), Fibromyalgia and many others but the point is, she expresses the frustration most neuropathy patients are feeling because the symptoms are so varied they can drive you crazy and getting an accurate diagnosis is pretty much spitting in the wind. Once you start listening, you won't easily stop because she speaks for so many of us.

Is my neuropathy a cause from Fibro, MS or some other underlying disease
Published on 12 Apr 2016

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