Friday, 9 December 2016

A Better Pain Scale To Measure Your Nerve Pain

Okay, today's post isn't an article about neuropathy written to wreck our brain cells but an image that represents how you may feel at any given time of the day. There are lots of pain scales around. You may have been presented with one by a doctor or specialist and were asked to point out where you sit on it. Your eventual treatment may have depended on that ridiculous diagnostic tool but as every neuropathy patient knows, the pain, discomfort and other symptoms are practically never consistent and you can go from mild to wild and every stop in between during the course of the day. At least this pain scale brings a little humour to the proceedings and (surprisingly) may be more accurate than many of the standard pain measurement tests that we're given. if it does nothing else than cause the corners of your mouth to wrinkle...then it's done its job! What do you think? Can you come up with something better?

An alternative pain scale
December 9th 2016

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