Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Nociceptors And Nerve Pain: A Cartoon Guide (Vid)

Today's YouTube video (see link below) is a fascinating and graphically informative introduction to how pain works. It centres around nociceptors. A nociceptor is basically a nerve cell that sends information to the brain when something has been damaged in the rest of the body (as neuropathy patients will be well aware of😬). This word is something that most nerve damage patients may have heard or seen in the course of their research or doctors' appointments but have never quite understood what it means. It is animated so that you can follow what he is saying, while he is saying it. Whether you'll remember it all is the question but perhaps that's not really necessary because whatever medical terms he uses, you'll get the picture (literally). Well worth a watch (also an educative tool for kids).

Nociceptors - An Introduction to Pain Armando Hasudungan Armando Hasudungan
Published on 12 Aug 2013 http://armandoh.org/



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