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The Link Between Thyroid Problems And Neuropathy

Today's post from (see link below) looks at a cause of neuropathy we don't often cover here on the blog but is nevertheless relevant because of the function of the thyroid gland and the various effects on your health that thyroid dysfunction can have. The article is pretty basic and you'll need to both talk to your doctor and do much more of your own research in order to establish whether there's a connection between your thyroid (dys)function and your neuropathy. Nevertheless, it's a start and may get you thinking. First of all, for those who aren't sure: the thyroid is a gland in your neck (under the chin) which secretes hormones that control most of your metabolic processes (basically the way your cells work and integrate). If there's a thyroid problem it's mainly due to an over-active, or under active thyroid secretion (see here for explanation) and can have serious consequences. Neuropathy may be caused by severe, long-term, untreated hypothyroidism (under-production of hormones). Don't worry too much - it's not that common in comparison to other causes of neuropathy but if your doctor has indicated that you have thyroid problems and you also experience nerve damage symptoms, you may need to press the point. There are medications for hypothyroidism and they may reduce your neuropathy symptoms as a result but it needs to be identified and then thoroughly checked out.

Neuropathy And Thyroid Disease
 April 4, 2017

If you have decided to get treatment for thyroid disease, it is important to understand your symptoms because thyroid disease and thyroid hormonal imbalance can present themselves as neuropathy or peripheral neuropathy, and will not resolve themselves with hormonal treatments alone.

One important note is that this is very true in thyroid cancer survivors. This is because they might be sensitive to particular thyroid cancer treatments such as radioactive iodine therapy or external beam radiation and chemotherapy. Understanding neuropathy and thyroid disease is crucial not only in cancer patients but all patient in general that have thyroid issues.

It is known that there can be major neurological failures occurring in unison with systematic failures of a person’s thyroid disease. In turn, most of the complications are responsive to thyroid treatment or thyroid replacement therapy, but if they are related to neuropathy, then you could have a lifelong struggle with neuropathy pain if not treated properly. Dr. Eric Edgerton and his team understand the relationship of thyroid disease and neuropathy and can help put together a custom tailored treatment plan for you. If this is left untreated, it can lead down a path to disability and dysfunction.

Nerve Pain | Neuropathy And Hyperthyroidism

Your metabolism controls the pace of all the different processes in the human body and your thyroid hormones are the ones affecting this process at the cellular level. Your thyroid hormones can either be normal, too fast, or too slow. The following happens when your thyroid hormone is working overtime (hyperthyroidism ) :


Symptoms of hyperthyroidism:

• Nervousness and irritability
• Increased perspiration and heart rate
• Anxiety | hand tremors | difficulty sleeping
• Thinning of skin | brittle hair
• Muscular weakness | frequent bowel movements

Hyperthyroidism actually begins slowly and the symptoms can be mistaken for a low end irritability and anxiety. One may think that they are doing a good job and losing weight for their diet but 

Thyroid Disease Related Neuropathy Sign And Symptoms

When one experiences neuropathy symptoms, they generally all feel the same agonizing things in their body: headaches, numbness in feet, tingling in feet and arms, and abnormal muscle spasms. Diabetes along with thyroid disease can also have some similar symptoms as well. Since thyroid disease is actually a disorder pertaining to the endocrine gland, we can see that the neuropathy and thyroid disease symptoms may look the same. The endocrine gland regulates the metabolism as well as every cell in the human body, including your nerves. When you have a thyroid or hormonal imbalance, the thyroid gland affects the nervous system in that it speeds up or slows down resulting in neuropathy related symptoms.

How To Treat Thyroidal Hormonal Imbalance

What is the definition of Hyperthyroidism? – it is a condition that affects thyroid hormone levels in which they drop below normal levels. This condition can cause high pressure on the nerves, increased/decreased nerve signals, slows down bodily functions, and also cause severe cases of myxedema. During thyroid treatment, we will bring your thyroid hormones back up to correct levels which improves your overall symptoms.

Neuropathy Pain And Thyroidism

What if my neuropathy pain doesn’t go away? – Usually your neuropathy symptoms will go away with proper treatment of your thyroid problem. If they do not go away, please contact us immediately as you may need additional hormones for treatment. We may also refer you to a rheumatologist for further evaluation.

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