Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Why Can't They Find A Neuropathy 'Cure'?

Today's short post from neuropathydr.com (see link below) pretty much sums up the problem with neuropathy when it comes to using the word 'cure'. There is currently no cure, let there be no doubt about that - when nerves are damaged, they currently stay damaged. The best that can be done is using a treatment or medication to reduce the symptoms sufficiently that they don't dominate your life. Even then, that's a p****ing in the wind scenario because what works for one, doesn't necessarily work for the other, so most sufferers have to go through a whole list of treatments before they find something that works best for them. So this article is accurate and the issue needs to be explained, so that people are not duped by advertising and fraudulent clinics, or s-called doctors, that are just after your hard earned money. Don't get me wrong - there is a world-wide search for a 'cure' and the pharmaceutical company that first finds it will make millions but the current reality is that symptom reduction is the main aim and progress there, is being made. However, there is no patient more patient than the neuropathy patient - he or she needs to be!!

Why is Neuropathy so Hard to “Cure”? 
Posted by john on October 13, 2016
This is a question we get asked a lot. And you would think there would be an easy answer. The correct answer is, “cure” depends upon what causes your particular neuropathy.

You see, there are well over a hundred different things that can cause neuropathy. If you read us on a regular basis you know that everything from infections, to certain drugs, and diseases like diabetes can cause neuropathy.

We recently talked about Lyme Disease as a cause of neuropathy. That is a good example of a condition that still gets missed in milder early cases and underlying damage gets done. That’s when neuropathy can really take hold.

Unfortunately, these conditions in and of themselves can be complicated to treat. Generally speaking, treat the underlying cause and you have a better shot at controlling and possibly “curing” the neuropathy.

This however is not always possible in cases where permanent nerve damage has been done. This commonly occurs with long-standing diabetes.

Some cases where we do see good reversals approaching a “cure” are in some of our chemotherapy cases. Not only to pain, tingling numbness, and burning get better but so do measurable changes like sensation, vibration, and skin temperatures.

This is why it’s very important to work with knowledgeable professionals. And only those with the proper training and expertise.

In any patient with neuropathy, we train our clinicians to be ever vigilant for multiple causes of neuropathy. Multiple factors in the same patient are also very common.

For example, often we have patients who smoke, eat poorly, are overweight, take Statins (cholesterol drugs) and blood pressure medications.

Each one of these is a neuropathy risk factor

So this not so hypothetical patient has FIVE factors, which may have caused individually or jointly contributed to their neuropathy.

So you can see, the more you know about neuropathy; the more you can fix, and then help yourself recover and “cure” wherever possible!

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