Monday, 3 July 2017

Can Medical Marijuana Help Relieve Nerve Pain? (Vid)

Today's useful YouTube video is precisely the sort of discussion you would hope to have with your doctor, if you were asking whether marijuana could help with your own neuropathy symptoms. Dr. Patel talks to us in terms we can understand and is very reassuring about the benefits of medical marijuana for neuropathy patients. There's no feeling of being pressured - just a summary of the facts and her own experiences with patients. After seeing this, you may feel it's time to have the same discussion with your own doctor - hopefully he or she will be just as sensible about the potential of medical marijuana. Definitely worth ten minutes of your time!

Medical Marijuana for Neuropathy (Nerve Pain)
Published 5th February 2017

Neuropathy, a condition caused by nerve damage, can cause patients excruciating amounts of pain. Robert of Mill Valley, CA is one of those patients. He’s battling Neuropathy caused by his Diabetes.

Watch to find out about current research on medical marijuana for neuropathy and hear about the results I've seen in my own patients with neuropathy.

To read more about medical marijuana for neuropathy:

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