Monday, 31 July 2017

Can A Vegan Diet Remove Neuropathic Symptoms Within A Week? (Vid)

Today's YouTube video from Dr Michael Gregor (see link below) makes claims for the beneficial effects of a vegan diet for neuropathy patients. He makes a convincing argument but it's worth knowing that many medical experts cast doubt on such claims. Nevertheless, many others also promote the idea of excluding the trans fats found in meat and dairy from your diet, in order to relieve nerve damage symptoms. The video is aimed at diabetics but the information included applies to all nerve damage patients if the science is to be believed. However, suppose you buy into the idea and decide to modify your diet - that's not as easy as it sounds. A vegan diet is one of the most difficult to follow through on and requires self-discipline and a preparedness to give up most of the foods you find delicious. Nevertheless, if you follow his theories, you'll notice a difference within a week and that is a remarkable claim that deserves at least a try. After all, it won't kill you to give up meat and dairy for a week or more but the benefits (or not) should be quickly apparent. Definitely worth a listen and there are many links to explore his theories further and make your own mind up.

Curing Painful Diabetic Neuropathy Published 29 apr. 2016

 Diabetics suffering from nerve pain for years and then cured within days with a plant-based diet.

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