Friday, 4 August 2017

Just How Much Can CBD Oil Help Neuropathy Patients? How Long Is A Piece Of String? (Vid)

Today's post from (see link below) talks about the potential benefits of CBD oil for neuropathic symptoms. CBD oil is a cannabis product that lacks THC, which is the component that gets you high and as such, has absolutely no side effects but certainly seems to reduce nerve pain for many people. You may have noticed that more and more CBD products are hitting the health food and chemists' shelves and this is because a) it's legal and b) is working for many patients across the world. You may wish to ignore the claims for killing cancer cells in the video - that has yet to be proved in any way, shape or form but if you subscribe to the 'take it as you find it' theory and accept that it may, or may not work for you - it's certainly worth a try. Personally, as a skeptic, I had little faith in CBD oil but have been forced to admit that it seems to be working for me, especially in capsule form but as you know, with neuropathy, what works for one doesn't work for another. It took a few weeks but I've been able to reduce other medications as a result and that for me, makes it worth while. Worth a read, some more research and maybe a discussion with a forward-thinking doctor.

Independent Studies Suggest CBD Unlimited's Industrial Hemp CBD Oils And Isolates May Relieve Neuropathy Pain And A Wide Range Of Neuropathic Pains Cave Creek 7/25/2017

 Diabetics suffering from neuropathy pain may be able to find relief through industrial hemp CBD oils and CBD isolates from CBD Unlimited. Our high potency cannabidiol (CBD) products have been shown in independent studies to directly target the source of neuropathic pains, relieving and mitigating pain potentially even before it propagates. Discover all of the benefits of cannabidiol by reaching out to CBD Unlimited for your CBD isolates today.

CBD is curious in that while it’s been shown to have a wide range of potential medicinal benefits, CBD does not have any real side effects of its own. In fact the only times that the side effects of dry mouth and slight nausea have been recorded, it’s been due to impure hemp, from which CBD is derived.

CBD Unlimited takes care to ensure that all of our industrial certified hemp based products are pure and clean, allowing you to experience all of the potential benefits of CBD. Furthermore, CBD has no psychoactive components; when combined with the knowledge that cannabidiol comes with no real side effects, CBD Unlimited’s industrial hemp CBD isolates such as our Nightcaps and Amrita energy shots may be used in direct conjunction with your existing medications.

Neuropathy is a severe nerve related pain that affects many diabetics, causing a massive flare of pain, often times making simple tasks such as walking unbearable. Taken in by CB1 and CB2 receptors within the endocannabinoid system (part of the central and peripheral nervous system), CBD acts as an agent of homeostasis to bring about a return to natural equilibrium, minimizing to mitigating neuropathic pain flares throughout the body.

CBD Unlimited is the premier distributor of high quality cannabidiol products; our industrial hemp CBD Nightcaps have the potential to both relieve pain and can help you get to rest at night, our Amrita mind elevating shots can give you the energy to conquer the day, and all of our industrial hemp CBD products can help you experience all of the potential medicinal health benefits of cannabidiol.

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