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Pull Your Finger Out And Get Serious About Neuropathy

Today's short post from (see link below) is not aiming to provide answers to neuropathy problems but it does urge you not to ignore symptoms but to 'get serious' about the condition. In that respect, it's 100% right. If you have neuropathy, it's very easy to get sucked into a spiral of negativity, especially if the drugs you're prescribed aren't working, or only half-heartedly. This short account gives you the kick in the pants you might need. Visit the doctor; insist on a neurologist if necessary and ask all the questions you want answers to. Then, do your research about nerve damage - knowledge is power. Yes it may depress you even further but it will open your eyes to many more things you hadn't considered trying - sooner or later, something will help reduce the symptoms. There is no one thing that will help on its own; you're going to need several options and a combination of treatments or therapies that will help in your case. Current thinking is that an holistic approach is necessary and it's right. Knowing that neuropathy can't be cured is not an excuse to hit the bottle - there are ways of making your daily life more bearable and reducing the impact of the symptoms but you have to get serious about it and refuse to be beaten.

Serious Neuropathy? Get Serious About It.
by NeuroWellness | Feb 1, 2018

Danger, Danger.

Serious neuropathy is painful, annoying, frustrating, and makes life miserable.

Among all the rotten things about it, it also has a dangerous side. I’ve seen it. In my years of helping people stop and reverse their neuropathy symptoms, I’ve seen some people in very dire straits.

One particular patient, let’s call him Henry, had suffered from neuropathy for years. But it was getting much worse. He hadn’t felt his toes for years, and then the color of his big toe started to change. He had serious neuropathy. Just after it had turned to a deep purple color, he came to see me. We did testing, and he had no sensation whatsoever in his big toe. Before he could even start working to restore blood flow and heal, his toe had to be amputated.

He didn’t even need anesthesia. The surgeon could cut it off, and he didn’t feel a thing.

The lesson here is – Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait until it gets worse. Don’t just see how things go.

What you don’t know

Contrary to the saying “What you don’t know won’t hurt you”, in this case, that’s not exactly true.

I’ve heard hundreds of patients, (about half of the people who came to get guidance as to how to reverse their neuropathy) say “I’ve tried everything.” Almost all of them were trying it wrong. Let me explain.

Let’s pretend you had an old car. (No, I’m not calling you an old car… unless the shoe fits). It wouldn’t run. Now this car has a dead battery. It also has a broken wire to the starter, it’s out of gas, the ignition switch is unplugged, and it’s missing half of its spark plug wires.

You try to boost it. 8 times. It won’t start. So I guess boosting it doesn’t work.

You find the missing spark plug wires and replace them. It won’t start. I guess that wasn’t the problem.

You find the broken starter wire and fix it. It still won’t start. I guess that doesn’t work either.

You put some gas in the tank. It still won’t start. I guess it wasn’t the low fuel.

So you give up. I can’t find the one thing that’s wrong. I guess it can’t be fixed.

Any mechanic would say – “You have to fix all the problems before this car will start.” Put gas in it, replace the wires, reconnect the ignition and starter, and then boost it and… Vrooom. Back on the road.

Serious Neuropathy

Most neuropathy sufferers have tried several things. I took b12. It didn’t help. I tried massage, it didn’t help. I took the drugs, they didn’t help.

Here’s the problem. What if you are low on b12, deficient in vitamin D, suffering a loss of blood flow to the nerves, have out of control blood sugar and your body isn’t healing very quickly due to multiple nutrient deficiencies? FIXING ONE THING WON’T HELP!

You need to deal with all the problems at once, so you have a fighting chance to heal.

The best approach is to get serious about your neuropathy before it becomes serious neuropathy.

Need help? There is tons of information here on this blog to get you started. Need more help? A good place to start is with the 3 Tips sheet. Grab a copy of that, and I’ll make sure you get invited to a free live training where you can learn the entire system I use to help 95% of my patients.

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