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Simple Foot Exercises For People With Neuropathy

Today's bite-size post from (see link below) may take only a few minutes to read but is full of useful information and links for people looking for easy exercises when they have nerve damage in their feet and legs. You can start with the suggested exercises right away and at least feel that you're putting in an effort. With this as a beginning, you can research further to see what's best for neuropathy patients in general and specifically for you. We all have to start somewhere don't we?

Foot and Leg Exercises For Neuropathy June 23, 2015in Exercises, Neuropathyby Sit and Be Fit
Sit and Be Fit TV host, Mary Ann Wilson RN Here are some great foot and leg exercises for anyone managing the condition of neuropathy. These exercises can be done from a seated position. Move to the front edge of the chair and firmly plant the feet on the ground. Take a moment to get the body into good postural alignment with the shoulders back and down and spine lengthened. (For postural strengthening exercises, click here.)

Foot and Ankle Exercise #1 – Keeping heels on the floor, lift your toes off the floor, and tap them vigorously. Repeat as many times as tolerated.

Foot and Ankle Exercise #2 – Keeping heels together and on the floor, lift your toes off the floor as high as possible. Turn toes out, and put them back on the floor. Your feet should form a “V”. Lift your toes again, bring them together, and put them back on the floor. Repeat as many times as tolerated.

Leg and Ankle Exercise – Straighten one knee, lifting the leg an inch or two off the ground. Point and flex your foot and ankle 5-10 times. Circle the ankle clockwise then counter clockwise 5-10 times each. Repeat on the other leg.

Foot Somatosensory Exercise – Roll a small ball (such as a tennis ball) underneath one foot for several minutes and change feet. This gives the feet a great “self-massage” and stimulates the receptors on the bottom of the foot. Those managing neuropathy would benefit from doing this exercise daily.

For more information about the condition of neuropathy, click here

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