Sunday, 18 March 2018

Which Side Of The Pain-Killer Fence Do You Sit On? (Vid)

Today's video from Jon Gold (see link below) is short, simple and to the point. It asks for common sense on the part of law-makers, doctors and patients regarding pain killers - nothing more, nothing less. However, it's simplicity takes nothing away from the fact that it's highly controversial in this day and age. The truth is that people living in chronic pain would give anything to have their pain removed but equally would do anything to avoid having to take the strength of pain killers required to do just that - they live daily between a rock and a hard place but until there is a suitable and efficient alternative in place, they have no choice if they want to live anything remotely close to a normal life. Public opinion, law-makers and the media want to remove their only remaining option at a stroke but it's clear to all, that those people are not living with the consequences of chronic pain caused by illness. The media is never patient when it comes to bandwagon jumping but that creates a total lack of empathy with the patient. Watch the video and draw your own conclusions because the current situation where stigma and even hate dominate medical prescription cannot be allowed to continue.

Pain Killers Help People

Jon Gold Saturday, June 3, 2017

Don't allow people that truly need them to suffer.

Pain Killers Help People from Jon Gold on Vimeo.

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