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Simple Support Tips For Those Living Around Neuropathy Patients

Today's post from siren.care (see link below) comes straight from the Siren socks site (socks designed for people with neuropathic feet) and as such could be seen as advertising, which this blog attempts to avoid. However, if the information provided is helpful to the neuropathy community as a whole, that serves the greater good and is therefore worth publishing. The article is basically a gentle hint for family, friends and colleagues of people living with neuropathy and offers a few tips as to how to make patients' lives just that little bit easier. As the article states, it's amazing how much the little things count when you're living with daily chronic symptoms and if people can offer just a little bit of non-patronising support, that can make your day. Worth a quick read.

How to support someone with diabetes and neuropathy
February 6, 2018

Managing the symptoms of diabetes and neuropathy can be incredibly challenging on a daily basis. As a friend, family member, or loved-one you there are a number of ways you can provide support. Simply listening, being sympathetic, learning what you can about the condition, and providing some additional help can make all of the difference in the world.

We polled our community and asked Siren Diabetic Sock users to find out how friends and family members could be supportive. Here are some of the responses we received:

Judgement Free Zone

Managing a chronic illness is complex and complicated. Especially when you are changing eating, exercise, and general lifestyle habits. It's important to do your best to not judge, and just listen and provide support.

Unconditional Support

Simply listening, and just providing care and support on a regular basis can make a big impact. You may have a family member or friend who just needs to vent, so even if you're not going through the same thing empathize and be there for them.

Help with the Little Things

A simple ride to the doctor, or just folding the laundry can go a long way. Sometimes, just taking 30 minutes out of your day to help with the little things can make a serious impact. Instead of asking, "how can I help," offer to give a ride to an appointment, or make a healthy meal.

Exercise or Cook Together

Spend time going for a walk, or learning how to cook a healthy and nutritious meal together. It's a time to practice healthy habits, try something new, and bond!
Learn About Diabetes and Neuropathy

Don't be afraid to ask questions, your friend or loved one wants to teach you about what they're going through. Take time to read a book on diabetes and neuropathy, check out the Siren blog, and learn about what it's like to live with these chronic conditions.


These are just a few suggestions, but the key is to be understanding and ask your friend or loved one "Would it be helpful if I did _____." Please share with us in the comments below any other thoughts or suggestions you might have.

At Siren, we work to help empower people. Our product, Siren Diabetic Socks is specifically designed for people with diabetes and neuropathy. We work to empower individuals to understand and know the health of their feet. By using our socks to monitor foot health, you're taking a proactive step to preventing foot ulcers and amputations. To learn more visit our homepage.


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