Friday, 14 September 2018

Aquatic Exercise: The Most Comfortable Form Of Exercise For Neuropathy Patients (Vid)

Today's YouTube video from the Neuropathy Alliance of Texas (see link below), is more than a half hour long, has the visual quality of pea soup and with the greatest respect for the speaker, is one of the most boring presentations you'll see in a long time. That said...the content is extremely useful for neuropathy patients who have difficulty with pain-free walking, balance issues and weakening joints and muscles. It talks about using aquatic exercises to improve both your physical condition and the relief of the symptoms that can make any sort of strenuous exercise out of the question for many patients. Despite the fact that the video is not the most media-sexy you'll ever see, it really is worth sitting through and maybe applying to your own situation. The weightless aspect of aquatic exercise makes it one of the most attractive for nerve damage sufferers - the pain involved with the exercises is so much less than working 'on dry land', so maybe it's worth investigating for you - however reluctant you may be and however negative your exercise experiences have been in the past.

Aquatic Exercise for Neuropathy 

- Julie O'Connor, BS, AEA Neuropathy Alliance of Texas Published on 1 Apr 2016

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